Our Team


Mergers and acquisitions, International commercial litigation, Commercial arbitration.


Corporate investment, transnational inheritance, intellectual property protection


Due Diligence, Litigation about Fair Trade Act, Will and inheritance.


Labor disputes resolving, Personal information protection, Trade secrets protection.


Government procurement law, pharmaceutical and medical materials regulations, car accident civil and criminal cases and compensation, domestic and overseas wills and inheritance, and drafting of Chinese and English contracts.

Hong Kong lawyer

Inheritance, Hong Kong Real Estate Sales, Civil Litigation


Labor disputes, general civil, criminal and administrative litigation.

Legal Intern

Civil enforcement events, administrative enforcement events

Senior Consultant of Non-litigation Legal Department

Document legalization and Apostille, Compulsory execution, Will and inheritance.

Intellectual Property Manager

Global Trademark Protection and Administrative Remedies

Consultant of International Affairs Department

Company setup and alteration registration, Foreign investment in Taiwan, Documents legalization and Apostille.

Specialist of Intellectual Property Department

Global trademark registration application, trademark rights protection