More than just a counselor

but a lifetime partner that you can always count on.

We can assist you withCompany establishment,Dispute resolution,Investment planning,Labour issues,Intellectual property managementandInternational litigation. Through our service, we are expecting to improve the business structure and the ability of risk management of our client, assisting our client to prevail in the severe market competition.

Legal Services
for Business

・Company/office establishment and change
・License registration of a foundation/association corporation
・Shareholders' meeting/Board of Directors affairs
・Company director/shareholder confirmation and false punishment
・Company listing/listing/delisting legal affairs
・Corporate reorganization/dissolution/liquidation
・Labor compliance and dispute resolution
・Real estate development affairs and litigation

Business Growth

・Commercial trade arbitration
・Transnational business disputes
・Compensation for securities investment disputes
・Financial commodity consumption litigation
・Consumer dispute damages
・Disputes related to medical institutions
・Multi-level marketing
・Unfair bidding

Market Competition

・M&A of local or multinational companies
・Foreign businessmen and mainland investors invest in Taiwan
・Foreign or mainland investment affairs
・Overseas (offshore) company investment planning
・Due Diligence

Commercial Investment

・Perennial legal counsel consultation
・Writing contracts and legal opinions in Chinese and foreign languages
・Apply for leave, seizure, false points, compulsory execution
・Authentication of documents used in foreign countries


・Trademark applications around the world
・Trademark Patent Infringement Litigation
・Copyright certification and litigation
・Protection of business secrets
・Administrative appeals and administrative litigation

Intellectual Property

・Securities and Exchange Act
・Government Procurement Law
・Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Law
・Forgery of documents
・Occupation of bad faith or heavy profits
・General civil and criminal cases

Rights Protection

The first law is with you

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