Legal Services

◆ Assisted more than 30 well-known domestic and foreign companies (including 5 listed OTC companies) in merger & acquisition.
◆ Assisted 8 companies in going public.
◆ Assisted a well-known listed company in issuing Global Depository Receipts (GDRs).
◆ Assisting Malaysian and Singaporean companies in issuing Taiwan Depository Receipts (TDRs).
◆ Assisted more than 35 construction companies in handling disputes about real estate construction projects.
◆Assisted more than 35 enterprises or business leaders in lawsuits involving government agencies, as well as domestic and foreign manufacturers in government procurement and bidding cases.
◆Assisted more than 10 well-known overseas enterprise groups with legal matters in Taiwan
◆ Assisted more than 10 foreign enterprises with investment in Taiwan.
◆ Assisted 2 well-known listed technology companies in issuing 30 million/120 million overseas European Convertible Bond (ECB).
◆ Assisted more than 65 companies with equity disposal disputes.

◆ Continuously assist a well-known motor group in Taiwan with trademarks management and protection worldwide.
◆Continuously assist a global triathlon brand in trademarks registration in 38 countries over Europe, America and Asia.
◆ Long-term assistance to Bafang Yunji, a well-known restaurant chain, in handling trademark applications and rights maintenance in 15 countries around the world
◆ Assisted a well-known sparkling wine merchant in Czech Republic and a famous rum merchant in Guatemala with trademarks registration in 15 countries around the world.
◆ Continuously assist a well-known Korean electronic appliance brands in Taiwan trademarks applications and rights protection. matters
◆ Assisted well-known American motorcycle manufacturer in trademarks registration and rights protection in Taiwan, Mainland China and the European Union.
◆ Assisted a well-known Japanese precision instrument manufacturer in trademarks application and patent protection in Taiwan.
◆ Continuously Provide legal advice on intellectual property rights to 6 well-known art and literature publishing companies in Taiwan.



◆ Assisted well-known Taiwanese companies in claiming damages for TRF consumer disputes.
◆ Assisted the directors and supervisors of well-known Taiwanese listed companies in applying for damages to the insurance center.
◆ Assisted a well-known Taiwanese listed company in filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer for payment of goods.
◆ Assisted a well-known technical consulting company in Taiwan in filing a contract performance lawsuit against the Water Authority for a sludge clean-up dispute.
◆ Assisted a well-known medical beauty clinics in handling medical disputes and the damage compensation lawsuits.
◆ Assisted several doctors in criminal lawsuit about violating the Physician Law.
◆ Assisted several listed construction or interior design companies in handling contract disputes and project payment lawsuits.
◆ Assisted a well-known Emerging Stock Board company in handling civil and criminal lawsuits about business secret protection.

◆ Serve as the long-term legal advisor of a well-known automobile industry group in Taiwan for more than 20 years.
◆ Serve as the long-term legal counsel of 5 listed companies for more than 12 years.
◆ Serve as the long-term legal counsel of 2 OTC companies for more than 12 years.
◆ Serve as the legal advisor of 20 hospitals and clinics, providing professional legal consultations.
◆ Acted as the legal counsel of Taipei City Dentists Association and New Taipei City Dentists Association
◆Serve as the legal counsel of dental and medical equipment research institutions and associations.
Serve as the legal advisor of the Tax Agents Association, providing legal professional advice for its members.
◆ to serve
Isabelle, Legal Counsel of Huanglou Brand Enterprise
◆ Provided legal advice and assistance of trademark application for a well-known American telecommunication company.
◆ Assisted nearly 100 foreigners workers of a well-known German semiconductor suppliers in applying for work permits in Taiwan.
◆ Assisted American born Taiwanese people in drafting wills.
◆ Assisted several foreigners in handling inheritance and guardianship matters in Taiwan.
◆ Assisted Taiwanese people with oversea inheritance in China, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, etc.
◆ Entrusted to witness the remote video hearing of the Singapore court.