Legal Services

◆ Assisting in mergers and acquisitions of listed companies such as Baihui Company, MediaTek, Innolux, and Taiwan Big Brother
◆ Assist Jingcai Optoelectronics, Fulikang Technology, Baihui Company, and Haoxin Company in the listing of cabinets
◆ Assist Innolux to issue Global Depository Receipts (GDR)
◆ Assisting Malaysian and Singaporean companies to issue Taiwan Depository Receipts (TDRs)
◆ Assisting Zhongtai Construction, Fujuding Group, Huawei Construction and many other well-known construction companies in handling real estate construction projects
◆Assisted in many lawsuits of government agencies and government procurement cases of domestic and foreign manufacturers
◆Assist South Korea's LG Group with legal matters in Taiwan
◆ Assisted Spanish businessmen MAPFRE ASISTENCIA and Malaysia's First Telecom FIRST MOBILE to invest in Taiwan
◆ Assisted First Mobile, a Malaysian enterprise, with the investment in Taiwan
◆ Assisted Waffer Technology Corp. with the issuance of oversea Euro Convertible Bond (ECB) in the worth of US$30,000,000
◆ Assisting Uni-President Group and ALLIANZ in the dispute over equity disposal

◆ Assisted Luxgen Motors Group in managing the trademark “LEXGEN” over the world
◆ Assisted Xterra Group in managing the trademark “XTERRA” in Asia, Europe, North and South America
◆ Assisted the famous chain enterprise Bafang Yunji in filing trademark applications in different countries
◆ Assisted the worldwide famous wine company RUM CREATION & PRODUCTS INC. in filing trademark applications in different countries
◆ Assisted the LG Life and Health of Korea in filing trademark applications in Taiwan
◆ Assisted American famous motorcycle company Lightning Motors in filing trademark applications in Taiwan, China and EU
◆ Assisted the BOHEMIA SEKT of Czech in filing trademark applications in China
◆ Assisted the NIIGATA SEIKI of Japan in filing trademark applications in Taiwan
◆ Provide intellectual property protection consultations to publishing companies such as Tingmao, Tiked Book, Tien Chiao Shih Book, Acme Publishing Group, Da Le Book, Knowledge Agency.



◆ Assisted a Taiwanese enterprise in requesting compensation for TRF damage
◆ Assisted the directors and supervisors of a listed company in requesting compensations with Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center
◆ Assisted a listed company in filing a civil litigation to request payments from vendors
◆ Assisted a technical consulting company in requesting the Department of Water Resources to perform the contract of cleaning sludge
◆ Assisted a aesthetic medicine clinic with the compensation litigation of a medical dispute
◆ Assisted doctors with criminal litigations of violating Physicians Act

◆ Acting as the perennial legal advisor of Yulon Group, providing professional advice on its legal or intellectual property rights
◆ Acting as the perennial legal advisor of Haoxin (stock) Company, providing professional consultation on its legal or intellectual property rights
◆ Served as the perennial legal advisor of Xiehe Women's Hospital, providing relevant legal professional advice
◆ Acted as the legal counsel of Taipei City Dentists Association, New Taipei City Dentists Association, Keelung City Dentists Association
◆Served as legal advisor to the Dental Association and the Oral Implant Society of the Republic of China
Acted as the legal counsel of the Taipei Accounting and Tax Agents Association, a corporate legal person, and provided legal professional advice for members
Provide professional legal advice on Taiwan Isabel Foods ISABELLE (stock) company
◆ Provide legal consultations and filed trademark applications for MCCI Corp
◆ Provided legal consultations to CENTROTHERM PHOTOVOLTAICS AG from Germany with the work permit applications for hundreds of dispatched foreigners in Taiwan
◆ Assist overseas Chinese in the United States with matters on dictated wills and testator-written wills
◆ Assisted the Dutch with matters on custody and provide professional legal opinions and assistance
◆ Assisted Taiwanese with the heritages in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macaw and Japan
◆ Entrusted to witness the remote video hearing of the Singapore court


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