Josh Chang

Professional field and practical experience

Practice Area

Trademark and intellectual property, labor disputes, general civil, criminal and administrative litigation.


  1. Served as trademark litigation attorney for a well-known bookstore.
  2. Served as civil litigation attorney for a global chain restaurant brand.
  3. Served as administrative litigation attorney for a well-known electronic components manufacturer.
  4. Assisted the world's second largest semiconductor company in resolving labor disputes.
  5. Assist the world's leading film and television entertainment industries in protecting trademark rights and interests.
  6. Assisted in investigating and handling sexual harassment complaints from employees of well-known pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  7. Participating in and strategizing negotiations for a high-profile merger and acquisition case involving a well-known online e-commerce platform.
  8. Authorship: Legal Responsibility for Physician Negligence in Telemedicine for Distant Medical Care – A Case Study of COVID-19 Video Consultation Policies (2022, National Technology Law Symposium)

Working language:

Chinese, English.