Patty Su

Professional field and practical experience

Practice Area

Chinese and English business contract drafting and review, fair trade law, wills and inheritance, company law, labor law, mergers and acquisitions and financial due diligence, litigation and administrative litigation.


  1. Assisted several well-known construction companies in legal matters about cooperative development and construction projects.
  2. Assisted in acquisitions of a subsidiary of a well-known listed company.
  3. Assisted a Junior High School principal with his suspicion of corruption.
  4. Assist well-known limited companies in getting listed on OTC and in legal matters inspection.
  5. Assisted in negotiating with Dutch lawyers in European trademark cases of a well-known Taiwanese automobile manufacturer.
  6. Assisted Taiwanese businessperson in resolving US copyright disputes.
  7. Assisted a well-known foreign companies in resolving equity transfer disputes.
  8. Provided legal advice on equity investment for a well-known financial holding company.

Working Language

Chinese, English.